Hisao Yoshii, President

Starting from an innovation concept, this is the technology brought to you by Dainichi Co., Ltd.

It has been 40 years already since we invented the technology of vaporized oil combustion.

In 1971, the first commercial oil heater “Blue Heater” has been introduced to the market, adopted “Flaming Blue” as a symbol, without wasting any single drop of flaming oil, Dainichi Co., Ltd. became popular to the public, and welcomed by families.

In 1980, the home-used oil heater had been introduced, now it occupied the No.1 market share of oil heater in among commercial and home use market.

In addition, in recent year based on our mature technology of oil heater, we have developed a temperature control and combustion technology which is perfectly applied to our coffee making machine, air purifier, dry-trash machine, and humidifier product line.

We will stick with our principles, oil heater as the core product, continue to invent on new technologies and products, and at the same time, we promise to provide more products which produce more values to the market.

We will also insist on the long term goal as to invent our own made products, ensuring customer to use our Dainichi Co., Ltd. products with great confidence.

At last, it is absolutely necessary for us to continue in making our own products which can ensure our customers have full confidence in using a long lasting quality products manufactured by Dainichi Co. Ltd.